Friday, August 28, 2015


Instead of answering the question, Raff* Sink dodges.....

WHAT AN IDIOT !....Your own photo Raff*, shows that Brehm was NOT in front of her.

WHAT AN IDIOT !!!!! have steadfastly claimed that Moorman would not have taken her photo after Kennedy passed her. Why would Babushka Lady take Moorman's photo when you said she already took one looking to the east...SPECIFICALLY because Brehm was "in front" of her in the west direction.

Why would Babushka Lady take a photo after Kennedy had passed her when you say no one, nobody would?


Pay attention Raff*....

Your own photo above shows that Moorman would have been blocked if she shot to the east. Blocked by Jean Hill......Your own photo also shows that there was enough distance between Babushka Lady and Brehm, that Babushka Lady could have taken one or two steps in any direction and avoided Brehm when shooting in any direction. If Babushka Lady took the Moorman photo, how did she capture just the right forearm of the first motorcycle cop and not his left one as well?

But more importantly......

Why would Babushka Lady take a photo of Kennedy after the limo passed her when you insist NO ONE would do that?

It's really a simple question Raff*.....why do you refuse to answer it?


  1. In following this discussion, it is clear that Ralph Cinque is completely closed-minded and is not interested in learning from others on the internet.

    When exposed for his errors, Ralph responds with outbursts of profanity and invective, as opposed to addressing the issues.

    Ralph is primarily interested in prolonging a conversation, as opposed to resolving contradictory issues in the JFK case.

    It is troubling indeed to read his confused and self-defeating responses.

  2. I think it's time for some Roy Lewis, huh, Raff* ??