Thursday, August 27, 2015

Raff* Gets All Scientific

Oh boy, we can't wait for Raff* to head to Dealey Plaza, fail to re-enact Moorman's photo and then claim to be successful in proving Moorman couldn't have taken her photo.

Raff* is honing his skilz..
Here's where he gets his distance...

The statement above tells you exactly how much Raff* knows about Dealey Plaza.

First things first Raff*. There were 3 lanes on Elm St. leading to the Stemmons Freeway. Hargis and Martin were in the inside lane. The limo was in the middle lane. Chaney and Jackson were on the outside.

Secondly Raff*, the curb and gutter section was a standard 30" from back of curb to face of gutter, with an 8" curb face and 6" top.
The motorcycle tires are at least 42" to 45" from the back of curb.
The motorcycle was further than 3.5 feet away from Moorman.

While Raff* goes to recalculate, let's look at how he positions his Gnarly-Davidson.....

Raff* Sink....sidewalk terror.......

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  1. Thus endeth the lesson. I hope someone videotapes this 'big event'. Thanks, B.