Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let's Take Raff* For A Ride

For some time now, Raff* Sink has been busting a gut over the Moorman photo and his claim that it is impossible to capture only the right arm of someone on a motorcycle if the photo is taken from the left side of the person on the motorcycle....

I stopped by a friends place, where he has several Harley-Davidson motorcycles,

Here's the I will admit that the motorcycle is not the same model of the bikes used in the JFK Dallas motorcade but it doesn't really matter. Both of these photos were taken 6 feet away from the subject.

And then I zoomed back just a bit....

You can shut the fuck up now Raff*. Oh, and don't forget.......I MADE YOU FAMOUS!!!!


  1. I wonder what he'll say ? Something famous, no doubt. He's launched so many carreers. You should try hiring interns, Raff*.

  2. Hilarious how ol' Raff* puts up his attempt at a rebuttal and SHOWS THE LICENSE PLATE OF THE CAR.

    Golly, maybe ol' Raff* himself killed his own tomato.

    1. Tis' a far cry from Lady Macbeth killing King Duncan. My, how this play has evolved.

  3. By scratching out the word "steal," then posting bpete's photos on his own site, does Ralph think that he is absolved of appropriating other people's property without their permission? In the academic world, this conduct would be called plagiarism.