Friday, October 9, 2015

Raff* Can't Read

When Raff* goes into damage control mode he starts grasping at statements and then either adds commentary to try to bend statements to match his bullshit or he goes into panic mode and omits important facts.

Raff* says that "Frazier said nothing about wearing his jacket in the doorway, which he did".

If Frazier wore his jacket in the doorway, how would Raff* know if Frazier said nothing about it?
Raff* assumes. He takes a statement where Frazier clearly said he did as he always did and went into the basement to put up his lunch and jacket/coat and tries to change the meaning of it by saying that Frazier was just describing his daily routine.

Raff* quickly follows up with a statement by Frazier and gives the impression that Frazier just added this tidbit of information about wearing a coat outside when it was cold.

The statement was made by Frazier as a direct response to being asked if there were any lockers that employees used to keep their clothing in...

So as you can see, Raff* lies about the testimony to try to bolster his claims. Frazier didn't add anything to a previous statement.

Frazier's testimony shows that when he stopped work for lunch at 12 noon (not the 11:45 that Raff* claims everyone did) Frazier went outside. He didn't go to the basement and get his jacket because it was "pretty warm" at the time....

But here's the most important part of Frazier's testimony. The part that Raff* omits on purpose....

Frazier's jacket was in the basement. He didn't go down to get it before he went outside at lunch. That is what the evidence shows.

The Darnell film confirms it....

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  1. …… as well as there being a dude to Frazier's right, in the corner there, who was taking a photograph of a soon-to-be dead president as the motorcade rolled slowly by.