Friday, October 9, 2015

You really should talk to your own OIC members Raff*

Raff*, seriously, you really need to quit this blogging thing that you obviously suck at...

I have no burden of proof Raff* You said there was no evidence of Ozzy catching a bus when he left his rooming house. I said except the housekeeper seeing him at the bus stop. It's just that simple.
You implied I was  liar. I proved I wasn't.

Besides Raff*, who the hell are you to decide what "rights" people have in discussing the JFK case? Considering you get EVERYTHING about this case wrong, you are the last person to try to dictate what is and isn't. What was and what wasn't. What did and what didn't happen.

You need to talk to Jerry Kroth. You know who Jerry Kroth is don't you? He's a Senior Member of Oswald's Incompetent Clowns. He covers the theories of Ozzy taking another bus in his book...the one you haven't read....

Ok Raff*.....

OH WAIT !!!!......You said any researcher of any stripe and I bring up Jerry Kroth.

My bad....never mind.....


  1. Ha ha ha. Good one B. Watch out for an ass pounding Jerry for going against the Chief dickhead of the OIC!

  2. And what does Raffie do? He says you only have to agree with the OIC 'Mission Statement', that you can believe anything else whether or not it conflicts with Lovelady being Oswald, and you can't take it back, uh…… gosh, Larry's really flipped !!! LOL !!!!! This is very entertaining, like reading Bloom County every morning.