Thursday, October 22, 2015

Raff* Sink: It's all lies.....

Yes we know Raff*. That's all the Office of Incorrect Claims seems to be pumping out lately.

Let's take your most recent crap...

I's the first example...

Oswald was in first floor lunch room. He said that two people were there. Those two people left. The two people that left, went outside for several minutes, then returned to the building via that rear entrance and went upstairs to the fifth floor.

The fact that Norman and Jarman were on the fifth floor has absolutely nothing to do with Ozzy being in the domino room on the first floor. In fact, there are no grounds for you to claim Ozzy wasn't on the first floor based on two different people being located in a completely different part of the building.

Your long winded explanation boils down to: Oswald couldn't be in the domino room because Jarman and Norman were on the fifth floor. You would think that line of reasoning would be scoffed at by someone like Uncle Fetzer but he's just a long winded buffoon as well.

Next example....

More than one person stated that Oswald was still working after they stopped work for lunch, up to the noon hour. Most of the people that testified seeing Oswald still working did not stop work at 11:45 but between 11:50 and noon.

Next example....

Baker did not make clear that Oswald was "just getting to the lunch room". Baker stated that as he rounded the corner, going from one flight of stairs to the next, he saw movement in the vestibule and went towards it.

It is entirely possible that Oswald was already in the lunch room and went to leave and heard people running up the stairs and turned and went back into the lunch room. You have no way of knowing based on any evidence either real or imagined.

If Oswald entered the vestibule, from the office area, how did he dodge Geneva Hine? She was there and heard the shots from the sixth floor. She would have run into Oswald coming from the front stairs as she went out into the lobby. If Oswald by passed the office and went down the hall she would have seen him. Oswald was last seen in the second floor lunch room.

Next example....

No Raff*, you're wrong. And you know it because I provided the statements of several people that were away from the TSBD eating lunch, shopping and heading home. One was at Love field and one was eating lunch at a college campus in another town. So knowing that the statement you made is wrong means it is a lie.

In addition, Oswald told Inspector Kelley that he didn't watch the motorcade.

Next example...

Bookhout's report reflects the same order of events as Fritz's notes. Shelley did not leave immediately after the shooting. I have provided both his and Lovelady's testimony and they both said it was 3 to 4 minutes...or enough time for Gloria Calvary to come back to the TSBD from her position watching the parade down Elm St. about midway between the TSBD and the overpass.

There is every chance that Oswald saw Shelley as he left the TSBD. It is more probable that Shelley and Lovelady concocted the story of heading to the tracks to keep from having to explain seeing Oswald. In both of their original statements, they claimed to have gone back into the building. Shelley even said he called his wife. You've been shown this on numerous occasions so you know what you say is not true. That makes it a lie.

Your job appears to be spreading as much disinfo as possible.

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  1. I'm sure most of the OIC 'senior members' are too embarrassed to read Raff*'s blog, right, Mr. Armstrong ??

    Thanks again, B.