Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raff* The Certified Idiot

Raff* today.,...

Hey Raff*, you see that step like thing? That's not the front steps.

Those are the steps leading from the first floor to the second. No wonder you get everything wrong when it comes to analyzing a photo, you can't even read a simple floor plan.

Here are the front steps and as ANYONE can clearly see,  you are an idiot...

Maybe it would help you Raff* if you looked at the actual building...

The doorway is actually under the second set of windows from the east corner, on the second floor.

 Dumb ass......


  1. Cinque should work for the white house the way he is trying to spin his fuck up into a good news story

  2. And then there are the swarthy ay-rabs…….. and what he would've done to them with his briefcase a-swingin'