Monday, October 12, 2015

Raff* needs some attention

Poor Raff*.....falling victim to his own petty jealousy. It seems the ROKC crowd and their "Prayer-man" have taken the spotlight off of Raff* and his "Doorman". Now he feels he must troll for an argument.

Sucks to be Raff*.........

Raff*...don't you think it's time you seek professional help.

For your mental issues I mean, a six year old could improve your research skills.

If I hadn't have heard this with my own ears I would never have believed Raff* said: " Who if he (Oswald) was any skinnier, he would have looked like he was out of Auschwitz".

Really Raff*? You make that comparison?

 You are a pathetic bastard, Raff* Sink.

1 comment:

  1. Raff* should crash Judy's soiree and do some 'splainin to those Trine Day troglodytes. It's not that far, Raff*. If you start out on your bike, you should make it in time, energized by all that bok choy.