Friday, October 23, 2015

Raff* Tries To Take It Back

Sure Raff*, blame it on KD Ruckman.

Lie again Raff*. There is no retraction with your article. It's still online.


  1. I don't give a rats ass if you said it in 2012 or 2015
    you posted it online you own it, and there is NO taking it back.

  2. Doctor Cinque apparently feels that he can retract, contradict, and blatantly change essential points and premises and still maintain a semblance of credibility. Using Orwellian terminology, he told me that the blunder he made in incorrectly identifying Carl Jones as Roy Lewis was "a clerical error." A clerical error! If he can’t identify Carl Jones in the photo, then how can he be trusted in attempting to identify any of the other bystanders in the doorway?

    The smug, self-important tone of his writing is truly appalling, especially when he refers to his "body of work." Most assuredly, Doctor Cinque does not have a “body of work” related to the JFK assassination. I would also like to see evidence of his MD, which appears next to his name in the ad posted below.

    This joker truly merits the ridicule that he constantly receives from those who, unlike Doctor Cinque, have a serious interest in JFK studies.

    See Robin Unger's amusing post of October 21 entitled "The blind leading the blind drunk," wherein Doctor Cinque is providing tutelage to an intoxicated man! That says it all about the "body of work" of Doctor Cinque.

  3. Raff* ain't too good at taking things back……… just taking things.