Thursday, October 8, 2015

ROLL FILM...or how Raff* got Punked

Thank you Gary King for providing the platform that allowed the world to see our favorite asshat get punked.I don't know if that's what you, Larry and Uncle Fetzer had planned, but it's certainly they way it turned out.

This is the link for the video pictured above...The New JFK Show #75

Gary King is a Senior Member of Ralph Cinque's famous Oswald's Incompetent Clowns club. He has an internet show and apparently pals around with Larry Rivera, Uncle Jim Fetzer and Don Fox. I say pal around jokingly but he did call all of the above the team, and announces that Raff* will be an honorary member of the JFK Riff Raff.

Gary introduces OIC Chairman Larry Rivera and implies that as Chairman, Larry is the go to guy on Oswald in the doorway according to Gary King. (Bet Raff* loved hearing that.)

The program kicks off with Garry telling the world that he has declared war on Black Ops Radio (he doesn't say why) and then plays an unintelligible clip of Jim DiEugenio talking about Oswald in the doorway. I don't understand the connection but this is a Fetzer led clusterfuck so not connecting the dots is a predictable outcome.

Larry provides a copy of the Altgens 6 photo on screen, followed by the Groden scan crop of Altgens 6.

Raff* has spent the last two years trying to trash the very image Larry decides to use. Raff* would rather use one of his own crops of Altgens processed at his famous Raff*'s Phuqued Up Photo Shack, but he's out of luck today.

Larry details all of the cute names they have for everyone in the Groden crop and says that Raff* will tell us shortly why it is impossible for the man that most people know as Billy Lovelady, to be Billy Lovelady.
But first, Larry wants to discuss how Buell Wesley Frazier was actually removed from the Altgens 6 photo. Of course, most people know that Buell Wesley Frazier testified before the Warren Commission, was shown a copy of a crop of the Altgens 6 photo and stated that he wasn't in the picture because he was standing at the back of the landing, well in the shadow produced by the lintel of the entrance opening and the angle of the sun.

OIC logic: remove someone from a photograph that was never captured in the photograph.

Next, Larry describes how they had Raff*'s daughter-in-law, Rosie, measure up the doorway. Larry explains (what most everyone else knew) that the doorway area of the Texas School Book Depository was remodeled years ago and the actual door was set further back. Larry states that the actual depth of the top landing in 1963 was about 3 feet. 

Here is a diagram I prepared a while back, to show the area of the entrance way that was cut off from Altgens view. many people use a crop of the first floor floor plan similar to this in describing the entrance way, but for some reason they always leave off the scale.

The depth of the landing scales to be just over 4 feet.

And some of you might remember Rosie. Rosie was described by Raff* as his sister-in-law.

Rosie and I have a date the minute Raff* decides to stick a crowbar in his wallet and come off the $50,000 he owes me in lost JFK wagers. I've promised to take Rosie out for dinner for all her hard work helping us show how big a dumbass Raff* is.

Right after this, Larry rambles on about a photo by  OIC member Vincent Salandria, gets brain lock when trying to remember who in the hell Vincent Salandria is and then describes a figure seen in this Wiegman still, as Buell Wesley Frazier.

Frazier stated in his warren Commission testimony that he was standing at the top of the steps at the center handrail, one step down from the top. The person circled in the Wiegman still below, is standing several steps down from the top. The person is most likely Ruth Dean, who went out to watch the motorcade with Maddie Reese. Ms. Reese was standing on Ms. Dean's right. Ms. Reese is holding up one hand to shield her eyes.

Larry points out that the person he circled has an uncanny resemblance to Buell Frazier's back, as evidenced by this photo selection. He states that Buell was wearing the same color jacket and pants as the person in the Wiegman clip.

Keep in mind, the Wiegman crop used by Larry was taken close to the time of Altgens 6. Larry takes a swipe at other researchers who have merely speculated that the woman, Ruth Dean could have been someone seen in other photos taken of the people milling around the entrance of the Depository after the assassination. The photo below also shows that the OIC has no problem using anyone's photo, without attribution. (I suspect that most of the images used by Larry, Fetzer, Fox and King came from Robin Inger's site. You would think they could give him a little credit.)

Here's how Larry described it......"it had to be Frazier wearing the same type of clothes that night. Some people on the internet have been trying for some reason to dispel and try to ah, for some reason say that Frazier, that is not Frazier, that it's some woman."

And Fetzer chimes in, " It's for the sake of obfuscation Larry. I mean you know it's for some reason it's to obscure what you're making about the location of Frazier."

Fetzer and Rivera are oblivious to the statements of the people standing in the doorway of the TSBD.

Then Larry throws this photo up for discussion...

Is this starting to look familiar? To the regular readers of this blog it's very familiar. Gary King has simply allowed Larry Rivera to present a rehashed version of an article he wrote and Jim Fetzer posted on the Veterans Today website 2 years ago. Let's take a trip down mammary lane. I say mammary because when it comes to the OIC, you'll see we're dealing with a bunch of boobs...

Here are a couple of crops of the article as it appeared on the VT site. (I added a quote by Raff* where he denies that what you see in the Altgens photo is a man's elbow.)

 Raff* has a big problem with these photos presented by Larry. Larry has marked the 3 individuals shielding their eyes. Raff* says that you can't make comparisons between the Altgens and Wiegman photos. Raff* can, but you can't. Raff* is under the impression that no one has the photographic interpretation skills possessed by the almighty Raff*.

This took place before Raff* started blogging so his responses were posted on his facecrook page. Watch how Raff* tries to couch his responses and then eventually loses grip on the situation. It was a messy spiral.

(Note: this also took place during that time that Raff* was insistent that I was actually Steve Haydon in the UK.)

Here's the photo...

Isn't it nice that Raff* is willing to equate everything but an elbow. Larry can equate the elbow but Raff* can't. It get's better....

I did...Raff* didn't. There has been a consistent policy on my blog of allowing Raff* or anyone else to respond to any of my posts. Larry Rivera has never visited this site for the purpose of defending his position on anything.

Raff continues...

This is where I had to remind Raff* that he was wrong about the quote. Yul Brenner as the Pharaoh in the Ten Commandments uttered the words. Raff* has a habit of being wrong about everything.

Then I posted this photo and this is where Raff* became unhinged...

That's a whole lot of talk about a guys arm across his chest (which months later turned into a hilarious back and forth in itself). The end can't make comparisons based on seeing the same thing in each can only make comparisons based on seeing things in the same location.

More OIC can only make comparisons based on what you see ...not on what you see.

I posted this again...remember, this is Larry Rivera's comparison....

 Raff* explains again....

SH (me) and Robin Unger have maintained that the two people pictured above are the same person. But that's not the issue. The issue is the Chairman of the OIC makes the correlation.

Actually, this is Raff*'s wizened old man....

The above photo comes from Robin Unger's excellent site...

Raff*'s geezer turned out to be a geezette....

You hear that Larry Rivera?

Raff* is Fetzering hard now. Anything to trash the comparison. But remember...this is Larry Rivera's work...

Raff* continues...

You hear that Larry? Absurd....

Rest assured Raff*'s Larry's current conviction. You were invited to be on Gary King's show so you could listen to Larry take over 30 minutes of your hour to promote the comparison you run from...

Let's put Raff*'s word with two photos that he like to compare....

Now, we've only covered the Larry Rivera part of the our next installment we will cover Raff*'s latest discoveries.

But before we go I need to address Larry Rivera and his claim that Frazier was dressed in a black jacket...

Buell Wesley Frazier told the warren Commission that as soon as he got to work, he went down stairs and hung up his jacket and put up his lunch. He also told the Warren Commission that when he broke for lunch, he went immediately outside to wait for the president to ride by.

His jacket was still in the basement...

Now Larry, you're more than welcome to come defend your position.



  1. I shall share this one, B. Thank you very much !!!

  2. Raff is so stupid he posts images while they still have the blue tint from being marked to copy, and then he copies and pastes them to his website. And beware those evil doers who have "connections" to the (gasp) National Archives!