Saturday, September 19, 2015

Raff* Calls Vince Palamara A Liar

So? What's your point Raff*?

Palamara says this is Hickey as well.....

Seems ol' Hickey's sportin' a pretty wide cabeza there Raff*.And when you consider the photo you used above is distorted, seems like the same guy to everybody but you. We're used to that....

Your watch? You have an assigned post Raff*?

Let's use a little cinque-think to anal-ize that cinque-speak.........

Watch means an assigned post as a guard. Who you guardin' for Raff*? Is your watch an assigned area of research or an assigned group of people? Who has assigned you the duty to call people like Vince Palamara and Mary Moorman liars?

No one would say they were on "watch" unless they were on an assigned post. No one. 
In addition, the word "watch" denotes a structured system such as maritime duty or the military. Raff*, you're just a butt-hole in Buda and there ain't no shippin' there, Skippy. 

What branch of the military is paying you Raff*?

We have finally found out the source for all of Raff*'s bullshit blogs.....he's on "watch".

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  1. Tick tock. Time's running out, Raff*. You're gonna blow a gasket soon. Better get Hooke to replace you on your 'watch'.