Sunday, September 20, 2015

50 Reasons

That Prove Raff* Sink Is A Disinfo Troll On Watch


1. Ozzy in the doorway. Wrong
2. Roy Lewis in Altgens 6. Wrong
3. Buell Frazier next to Maddie Reese in Wiegman, Wrong
4. Elbow man in Altgens 6. Wrong
5. Blackhole man in Altgens 6 is Lovelady. Wrong
6. 2 Doormen in Wiegman. Wrong
7. Altered hairline. Wrong
8. Shirt is not plaid. Wrong
9. Arrest shirt at work. Wrong
10. Jack Ruby in Altgens 6. Wrong
11. Woman and child in Altgens 6. Wrong
12. Woman and child in Towner. Wrong
13. 2nd fedora man in Altgens 6/Towner. Wrong
14. Maddie Reese in Wiegman. Wrong
15. Woman and child in King photos. Wrong
16. Laser columns. Wrong
17. Leaving immediately for the R/R tracks. Wrong
18. Bus transfer expiration. Wrong
19. Floor covering project. Wrong
20. Rifle fibers. Wrong
21. Clint Hill on different vehicle. Wrong
22. Moorman photo. Wrong
23. Babushka Lady. Wrong
24. Out front with Bill Shelley. Wrong
25. Can't capture a right hand from the left side. Majorly Wrong (couldn't BE more wrong motherfucker)
26. Head has to lean with shoulders. Wrong
27. One arm across torso. Wrong
28. Trees in Bell. Wrong
29. Lovelady's shirt unbuttoned. Wrong
30. George Hickey. Wrong
31. Danny Arce and his walkie-talkie. Wrong
32. Fake Ozzy's mama. Wrong
33. Mark Lane duped by fake Ozzy's mama. Wrong
34.  Jackie's fake arm. Wrong
35. JFK jacket riding up. Wrong
36. Lovelady red & white striped shirt. Wrong.
37. Shelley and Lovelady in Couch.
38. No perfect V shadows. Wrong
39.Lovelady's arrow. Wrong
40. Lovelady in DPD footage. Wrong
41. Altgen's timeline. Wrong
42. JFK statue in Ft. Worth. Wrong
43. G.H.W. Bush in front of the TSBD. Wrong
44. Ozzy off work at 11:45 for lunch. Wrong.
45.  DeLoach memo. Wrong
46. Signs in Hughes. Wrong
47. Harvey and Lee. Wrong
48. The manifesting T-shirt. Wrong
49. The OIC is relevant. Wrong
50. Bpete is anyone except Bpete.

Let's throw on top of that the following:

Busted for not being a licensed Doctor.
Busted for sending Czech emails.
Busted for impersonating others online
Busted for your claims concerning Judyth Very Faker, Jim Fetzer, James Norwood.


  1. Reason #51: Last spring, a member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign told me that, based on Ralph Cinque's e-mails and blog posts, he believed Ralph to be a government op. At the time, I came to Ralph's defense. Now, as the countdown moves towards 100, I am not so sure.

  2. Cinque has been watching too much game of thrones.
    he thinks he is the watcher on the wall.

    Another thing he got wrong "JFK Truther" what the hell is that supposed to mean.
    just more stupid shit names he makes up.

  3. Uh-oh, B……… you're going to keep the little fella busy for the next few months, I see.

    Great post. Thanks !!!