Friday, September 25, 2015

Isn't It Strange...

That when you ignore his ass, he starts flooding his blog with the most inane bullshit....

Raff* Sink...Government Troll


  1. I honestly believe that Joe Backes has presented a definitive explanation of why Ralph Cinque has been producing an endless stream of flawed and distorted images, as the result of sloppy work with bitmap file transfers. The images that Ralph is using are flawed and distorted in the process of incompetently transferring them to his PC.

    Robin Unger will typically spend hours in carefully presenting the images on his website. It is always easy to see when Ralph Cinque has stolen Robin's imagery, because there is actually a clear photo/film image on Ralph's blog!

    But with the vast majority of Ralph's photo examples, there is distortion and deterioration. Astonishingly, he then uses those flawed images to claim that the film or photo has been faked!

    Instead of admitting his errors, deficiencies, and limitations, Ralph instead becomes hostile and defensive. Rather than growing and developing his skills, he remains stuck in mediocrity. As a result, his postings are laughable.

  2. Dr. Cinque has needed medical attention for quite a while now, as his writings reflect.