Sunday, September 13, 2015

Raff* the Fantasist

Robin Unger posted a response to Richard Charnin on his blog...

Raff* saw a photo that Robin posted that gave Raff* a reason to post the following narrative...

Oswald had split according to Raff*. Raff* is claiming that in less than a second of time, Oswald left and walked through the group of people behind him on the steps and entered the TSBD.

One huge problem though....the guy who isn't in the circle....

For over two years, Raff* identified the guy in the circle as Roy Lewis. He went on and on about Roy Lewis in various threads. The man turned out to be Carl Jones as seen here in this post...

After that blog post, Raff* didn't mention Roy Lewis very much. There's good reason as to why...

If Ozzy was located where we see Billy Lovelady in Wiegman, he would have had to re-enter the building right in front of Roy Lewis. And Roy Lewis clearly stated that he didn't see Oswald at that time...

 Lewis clearly states that he heard 3 shots fired from above him. Ozzy would have had to have left the steps between shots. Lewis states that Ozzy wasn't with him at the time he heard the shots.

He only saw Ozzy at 10 a.m.

Bullshit...Wiegman turned in the direction of the three shots heard by Lewis.

Everything maintained by Raff* depends on fiction not fact......


  1. Recently, I challenged Ralph on the peremptory changes in his story about the Altgens6 photo. I found it especially troubling when Ralph suddenly changed "Roy Lewis" to "Carl Jones" (the man circled above).

    Here is the e-mail response I received from Ralph on August 25, 2015:

    "It doesn't even matter what the name of the black man in the Altgens doorway is. We only need a way to refer to him. But, it makes no difference if he's Roy Lewis or Carl Jones. So, when I was referring to him as Roy Lewis, it was an inconsequential clerical error, and that is all. It doesn't change the fact that the photo was manipulated to place his image there. Carl Jones was never looking east during the motorcade; he was always looking west, as can be clearly seen in the Wiegman film, which encompassed the time of the Altgens photo."

    Ralph's assertions are astounding:

    (1) "It doesn't even matter what the name of the black man in the Altgens doorway is."

    (2) The incorrect identification of an eyewitness is an "inconsequential clerical error."

    (3) "We only need a way to refer to him" (as if the actual identity of the man is irrelevant).

    What is truly "inconsequential" is the confused and indeed bizarre thinking of Ralph C. Cinque.

  2. James, I'm going to cover Raff*'s contention that "Roy Lewis" never looked East. I showed a crop some time back where Carl Jones turned his head toward the events directly in fronts of the steps. Ralph being perspective deficient, doesn't realize that from Altgen's line of sight, Jones only had to look slightly East of due South for his face to appear in profile in Altgens. If Jones had been looking "West" in Wiegman, he would have been looking down the line of the front of the building. The front of the TSBD sat on a nearly East-West axis.

  3. Oh, I just KNEW Raff* would crack this case with that head of his !