Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apparently There Was Some Earth Shattering Occurrence Somewhere

Ralph seems to think this is it........

Who the fuck is St. John Hunt? Oh wait....isn't that E. Howard's son, the guy whose own step-mom said he manipulated his feeble old man to get him to say what he wanted. That St. John Hunt?

No one gives a fuck Ralph. It's just another individual in the OIC that can she no light, what so ever, on the events in November of 1963.

Oh by the way, thanks again for doing such a bang up job on the Moorman thing!


  1. For weeks, Ralph boasted that the Moorman photo recreation project was a group venture with OIC members participating with him in the trip to Dallas. But no other commentaries other than Ralph's embarrassing posts resulted from that trip.

    So, how actually are members of the OIC contributing to our understanding of the JFK assassination?

    In one of Ralph's photos, he redacted the face of his collaborator, who was riding the bike. If he is proud of his organization and any of those members are contributing anything of significance, then why would Ralph choose to black out the face of his colleague?

    From personal experience, I know that the OIC is not a train, but a train wreck!

  2. St John's on the Trine Day Express, too, along with many other luminaries.