Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blatant Fetzering

Raff*, the self-professed government op, fetzers hard....

No reaction from Clint and the others?


  1. Agent Hickey gave a signed statement on November 23, describing in detail the actions he took in response to the gunfire in Dealey Plaza the previous day:

    "I heard a loud report which sounded like a firecracker. It appeared to come from the right and rear and seemed to me to be at ground level. I stood up and looked to my right and rear in an attempt to identify it. Nothing caught my attention except people shouting and cheering."

    The Altgens6 photo captures the precise moment where Hickey is looking to his "right and rear in an attempt to identify" the source of the gunshot.

    On the evening of Friday, September 18, I sent Ralph Cinque this quote and a link to Hickey's full statement.

    But on the morning of Saturday, September 19, Ralph posted the Altgens6 once again and asked the following:

    "What in tarnation is Hickey doing?"

    Ralph is not interested in studying documents or learning the truth about the topics he raises. Apparently, it is more fun for him to engage in mindless speculation, regardless of the facts.

    I agree with Robin Unger, who writes that Ralph Cinque is "pulling our chain and flushing JFK research down the toilet."


    For those interested in learning about George Hickey in his own words, his statement may be accessed at the following link:

  2. A not-so-beautiful mind. Raff* is his own op.