Saturday, September 5, 2015

Still Waiting Raff*

Well Raff*....It's time for you to come up with a number.

How far is Martin's motorcycle from the curb in Altgens 6?

Remember this Raff* ?

So how far is it Raff*?

You never responded to my post last night Raff*, where I used the 6 inch curb to show how far the tire was from the curb.

Instead, you decided to change the subject and smear a dead man.

No problem Raff*. While I was waiting for your limp reply I went and looked up some info.

Martin's bike was a Harley Davidson Duo Glide.

The width of the tires on Martin's bike was 5/5.10 inches. 5/5.10 inch tires on a 16 inch rim.
You can buy a Goodyear Super Eagle replica tire here for $151...

They're 5 inches wide. That being the case, let's examine this...

So what's the distance Raff* ?


  1. Ralph still does not understand why the distance of the outrider to the curb is important. If the recreation of the Moorman photo is to have any validity, then the placement of the motorcycle at the moment Mary Ann snapped her photo must be precise. Ralph claims that a motorcycle will be passing along Elm St. while he is taking his photo. But with every one of his posts, the distance keeps changing!

    Also, where does Ralph plan to position himself to replicate the spot where Moorman was standing? This decision must also be exact, based on Moorman's recollections and the photographs and films that depict Moorman taking her photo. It will not be enough to merely guess where she was standing.

    At present, there is no evidence of a careful study of the topography of Dealey Plaza on the part of Ralph Cinque to suggest that this is a viable scientific study. There is no scientific acumen apparent in several months of his posts. What a fiasco!