Friday, September 25, 2015

Potty Mouth Raff*

Raff* Sink...Government Troll


Oh Dear !!!! Um, Raff* before you make a bigger fool out of yourself....that's a Troll Doll.

This is a Cabbage Patch Doll...



  1. The past twenty-four hours have witnessed yet another Ralph Cinque meltdown.

    First, he devotes an entire post to slandering me, stating unequivocally that I am unfit to be teaching our young people today. He arrived at this conclusion only because I questioned the validity of his photo discussions. He concludes his post by ordering me never to write to him again:

    "You are instructed never to write to me again." (emphasis on "never")

    While Ralph apparently feels unconstrained in given orders to others, he does not respond kindly when he is given advice.

    Recently, a nice chap named Chris (user name: mainframetech) had an exchange with Ralph in which Chris cited the Golden Rule to Ralph and suggested that he refrain from insults. Ralph responded as follows:

    "Chris, don't ever make the mistake of trying to tell me what to do. Bad idea."

    The hypocrisy is truly extraordinary. When it comes to Christian charity, there is not much good will towards his fellow man on the part of Ralph Cinque--the complete embodiment of an internet troll.

  2. Raff*……...The Original Cabbage Patch Kid……… or is it………. the BOK CHOY BLOW-UP DOLL ???? LOL !!!!!