Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Told You He Doesn't Know A Damn Thing About Motorcycles

Poor Raff*....he knows everything about nothing....

Glad you could pull a screen cap from the photo I used Raff*. Especially considering you already had the above in crappy form on your own page.

Yes, that's his right hand....so what?

If you knew anything about motorcycles, you would know that his hand is on the throttle and his hand will be in different positions depending on whether he is accelerating or not. And while trying to cruise at slow speeds, he will be constantly gunning the throttle to pull forward. This means his hand and wrist will be moving.

The image in the Polaroid is consistent with this...

Maybe you should stick with things you know something about....which excludes motorcycles and photography......

1 comment:

  1. For Ralph, the subject keeps changing with a seemingly endless evolution of claptrap.

    First and foremost, Ralph’s major goal was to demonstrate that Mary Ann Moorman did not take her famous photo.

    Having dismally failed at accomplishing that goal, Ralph now shifts the discussion to Martin's thumb!

    What a joke!