Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy for ya Raff*, now where's Wim?

Wrong again Raff*. I don't live a life of secrecy. I go about my business in the great wide open. You're just pissed that you can't call my boss like you did with Backes. Sorry, but I choose not to be part of your psychopathic fantasies.

Now...where's Wim? You remember Wim Don't you? I mean, you went all out to make this announcement...

Did Judyth Very Faker set him straight Raff*? Did she convince him that you're nothing but a lying little asshat that wishes so badly to be recognized as a great JFK researcher like she is?

Tell us Raff*, we're dying to know what took place in that conversation.......


  1. Yes, B. Wim's in the wrong OIC. He should be in Judy's 'Project Innocence' group. Somebody ought to tell him. Let's ask Richard Hooke to write Wim a letter explaining things. He could even include a collage or two.

  2. When did he resign? Why didn't you tell us, Wim? Does this mean Files won't be joining, either???
    LOL !!!!!!!!!!

    You can still put Wim's picture up with a red 'X' through it on the 'senior member' page, B. Ralph can't take it back !!! Delicious !!!!